Drive-Thru miracle

Originally posted on DankG:
I currently work at Carl’s Jr. Yeah, it’s not the most ideal job, but I needed a way to make money and this place was kind enough to hire me. Anyways, I could go on about how this job kinda sucks but where’s the fun in reading a bunch of complaints…

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Embrace Your Passions

I spend quite a lot of my free time on the internet, watching youtube videos. And a majority of the time I watch the products of one certain group of six guys. I would look forward to getting home and seeing what those guys had thought up to entertain all of their viewers. But recently, […]

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The Unsung Hero

Farming has been the backbone of every successful economy. The very first settlements came to be because farming was discovered. Men and women toiled long hours all through the day and into the night growing food for the entire population, and it is no different today. Though today the labor is found elsewhere. In certain […]

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A Cautionary Tale

There was once a man and a woman who were madly in love with each other. You had never seen a couple more perfect for each other. Everyday, they could be seen together; walking through the park, sitting on the beach or lounging in their local coffee shop, but they were always together. One day […]

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A Part of The Process

I remember a Few years back, when my brother was still in high school and I was only in the eighth grade. My bro had always been a really good student and teachers had always loved him. Which was great for me because the minute a teacher saw I had the same last name as […]

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People, Man

So , I just got back from a pretty fun mini vacation in Las Vegas. My family and I stayed at the Rio for the weekend. It was a decent room, but it could have been better. The staff and the food were excellent while we were there though. If I had to state one […]

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Dragon Legacy: The Discovery

James snaps to attention. He readies his sword, waiting for whatever monster made that awful sound to come out. The cry rings out again, this time much louder and angrier, and James realizes that there is no way he can take that creature down. He can feel it getting closer because the ground starts to […]

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